Province of Masbate / 2014
by Action Against Hunger Spain (UNICEF)

The province of Masbate is located in the Bicol Region and is known to be one of the most poverty stricken areas of the Philippines with a poverty incidence of 44.2% (NSCB 2012). Child undernutrition remains a major public health issue in the Bicol region with a high rate of underweight, stunting and wasting (respectively 24.6%, 39.8% and 7.4% - NNS 2013). The Bicol province, like the rest of the Philippines is located along the typhoon belt in the Pacific and is therefore often impacted by tropical cyclones of medium intensity. Its geographical location also contributes to its susceptibility to rising sea levels, sudden onset storms, flooding and drought all of which have an impact on farming and fishing livelihoods. In 2014, Acción Contra el Hambre (ACH/ACF) decided to develop actions in the four municipalities of Masbate who had the poorest socio-economic indicators (Aroroy, Cawayan, Milagros and Monreal). Being new to the region, ACH implemented a Link NCA study in those four municipalities to gather information regarding malnutrition mechanisms therefore allowing ACF to better understand and tackle the root causes of undernutrition. The study took place from September 2014 to January 2015.

Link NCA Final Report Philippines 2015