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Baidoa, Beletweyne, Goldogob and Kahda Districts


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Baby Hassan and his mother

Link NCA SO 4 districts

Nahashon Kiprotich Kipruto

Mohamed Muhumed Yussuf

Grace Heymsfield

Managing organization
Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim / Acción contra el Hambre

Building Resilient Communities in Somalia

The Link NCA study targeted four livelihood zones within diverse districts, namely: settlements for internally displaced population SO 19 in Kahda district of Mogadishu, Pastoral livelihood zone SO 05 in Goldogob district, Agro-pastoral livelihood zone SO 15-16 in Baidoa district and Riverine livelihood zone SO 13 in Beltweyne District, all zones of intervention of Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) Consortium.

An analysis of similarities in major risk factors identified in the four livelihood zones revealed that lack of household resilience was a major factor cutting across all livelihood zones where it was rated as a major factor in SO-19, SO 05, and SO 15-16. In the SO 13, lack of household resilence was categorised as an important risk factor.

Low access to availability of water was identified a major risk factor in SO 19 and SO 13 and an important factor in SO 05.

Women workload was identified as a major risk factor in SO 19 and SO 15-16 livelihood zones.

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