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Nutrition Determinants Working Group


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Nutrition Determinants’ Working Group (NDWG) was created in February 2022 as a subgroup of Nutrition Information Systems Global Technical Group (NIS GTWG) to provide a collaborative platform for technical experts specialising and/or interested in nutrition determinants. It is composed of representatives from various NGOs and initiatives, including Action Against Hunger, The Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance, GOAL, REACH, Save The Children and independent researchers.

The main purpose of NDWG is to provide concrete guidance to frontline workers on different NCA methodologies and tools aiming to identify and understand determinants of malnutrition in different contexts in order to employ a more systematic and structured approach to an evidence-based programme design and/or to inform a more detailed formative research.

The main objective of NDWG is to develop a simple and affordable toolkit, which will help to identify context-specific determinants of different forms of malnutrition and their influence (the degree to which they contribute to malnutrition) throughout an annual cycle, while facilitating community engagement, more efficient and effective use of existing data as well as identified programme solutions by programme implementers.

Specific objectives of NDWG have been defined as follows:

*to pool existing resources and develop a concise overview of nutrition causal/situational analysis tools, clearly differentiating, at which level each approach can be used, while identifying potential gaps;

*to develop and pilot an easy-to-use tool, which could be integrated into programming throughout the project cycle to identify context-specific determinants of malnutrition with a strong focus on bottom-up approaches capturing the community voice as well as to facilitate the identification of a portfolio of activities responding to the identified determinants;

*to ensure the dissemination and uptake of produced outputs among the stakeholders at global and country level, while feeding into other existing and new initiatives, in which NDWG learnings could be beneficial and synergetic.

The first specific objective being largely complete, NDWG is advancing a development of an easy-to-use tool, which will be piloted in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details and/or contact us, if you need more information.

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