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Support / Coaching

The Technical Unit can
- Help in deciding whether to conduct a Link NCA or not
- Provide training for the Research Analyst as well as the study technical staff
- Support in preparing the scientific and operational aspects of the study (logistics, resources, security, etc.) and technical guidance throughout the process
- Support the study until its final phase, including tailor made, results based operational programming and/or advocacy if needed
- Ensure the dissemination of study results on-line

Write us at: linknca@actioncontrelafaim.org
The Technical Unit helps you define your operational objectives requiring the implementation of a Link NCA survey and makes some Analysts available on their roster to help you in their recruitment.


So that you understand better the implementation of a Link NCA study, we train your Organization on the focal point of Link NCA. We train the Analyst who is going to carry out the study before their integration into your team.

Programming assistance

The development or improvement of operational programs is the main objective of a Link NCA study. For this purpose, we help you to define and adapt operational program activities and prepare the results.

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