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Lenka Blanárová

Grace Heymsfield

Managing organization
Catholic Relief Services Save The Children

Livelihoods and Food Security Fund UNOPS

This review consisted of review of available secondary data sources relevant for the study zone as well as secondary quantitative data analyses using datasets provided by Department of Social Welfare (DSW) under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (MSWRR) from Maternal and Child Cash Transfer Programme in Chin State (MCCT) baseline survey conducted in 2017. The analyses undertaken during this review allowed to identify 20 risk factors, believed to have an impact on the incidence of undernutrition in the study zone. Following a triangulation of data from diverse sources, 5 risk factors were identified as having a major impact, 10 risk factors were classified as having an important impact and 5 risk factors were judged to have a minor impact on the incidence of undernutrition in the zone of study. Among the major risk factors, three were identified in the sector of food security and livelihoods, namely low access to a quality diet, low access to income sources and low coping capacities, while two factors were identified in the health sector, namely low birth-spacing/early, repetitive or unwanted pregnancies and low nutritional status of women. Based on available data provided by MSWRR, the calculation of statistical associations between individual risk factors and nutritional status of children in surveyed households allowed to differentiate between risk factors of wasting, stunting, underweight and concurrent wasting and stunting (WaSt). Common risk factors for wasting on the basis of at least one index (WHZ or MUAC or WHZ and/or MUAC), stunting and underweight include mother’s MUAC <21 cm or low BMI, farming or animal husbandry as household’s primary occupation, household taking a loan or inadequate food provisioning due to inadequate income.

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