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The supports necessary for the LinkNCA method


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Link NCA is a qualitative method...

the qualitative component is the cornerstone of a Link NCA study and provides more specific answers to research questions. It questions the assumptions made on the context being studied.


the quantitative component provides a detailed status of the nutritional situation in the target geographical area of the study.


The Link NCA brings together local communities, technical and scientific experts, politicians responsible for different fields of expertise (nutrition, health, healthcare, mental health, sanitation, food security, livelihoods, education, social sciences, etc.). These stakeholders meet for the first time in a workshop aimed at identifying the causal hypotheses and then again at the end after collecting the data and the analysis made by the Link NCA analyst. The objective here is to reach a consensus on the plausible causes of under nourishment in the target area of the study.

… multisectoral...

The Link NCA takes an interest in a wide range of sectors.

How does a Link NCA roll out?

The phases of a Link NCA.

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