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Link NCA Method • Link NCA Study • Food Security • East-Africa • Urban context • care practices • survey methodology
Kenya / 2017 / Action Against Hunger / Concern Worldwide
VIDEO: findings from the Link NCA in Nairobi
Findings presented by the analyst of the first Link NCA exclusively conducted in urban context, in two slums of Nairobi, Mukuru and Viwandani.

It is a pilot project implemented by the NGO Concern Worldwide with the support of the Link NCA Technical Unit.

This study assessed the impact of specific urban factors such as lack of employment, food prices, low basic housing, sanitation, health services and education, Childcare facilities and fragility of social capital on the mechanisms of undernutrition are emphasized.

The study began in October 2016 and ended late February 2017.

Outcomes were presented at the Learning Event organized by the Technical Unit in February 2017 in Nairobi.
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