Sathkira District / 2014
by Action Against Hunger France (ECHO)
The NCA Link was conducted in 4 upazila of the Satkhira district. ACF has been working in this area since 2011 following the emergency caused by floods. Immediate causes of undernutrition identified by the study were: inadequate diet and food diversity, and disease prevalence. Through the triangulation of data, the following causes have been identified as major risks: inappropriate complementary feeding practices, initiation and continuation of inadequate exclusive breastfeeding, adolescent pregnancy, poor psychosocial and health care For pregnant women including poor food intake, lack of opportunity for low-quality income, sanitation and water. Marijka van Klinken was the research analyst in charge of the study.

Report Sathkira District full report Article on the NCA study published in Field Echange 49, March 2017