Chivi District, Masvingo Province / 2012
by Action Against Hunger France (Action Against Hunger France)

Data collection occurred in the Chivi district of Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. Results of a recent national nutrition survey found high rates of stunting (33.8%) coupled with low rates of acute malnutrition (2.1%). The results of the analysis indicated that compared to results from the 2010 National Survey, general wasting had increased slightly, overall stunting rates stayed relatively stable while severe stunting increased by 6.1%. The results of the study were used to modify the Link NCA methodology by removing its focus on difficult causal interpretations, enhancing its emphasis on certain specific risk factors, strengthening the use of qualitative data, and using existing literature to research the prevalence of the association between risk factors and undernutrition.

Link NCA Final full Report Zimbabwe, Masvingo, 2012