Borena zone, Oromia region / 2016
by Action Against Hunger France (USAID / ECHO)

This study was carried out in the Borena area, Oromia region in the pastoral area of Miyo and Moyale districts in 2016. It was funded by OFDA and ACF. The analyst who conducted this study is Christine Plaza. The response analysis took place in February 2017 and was carried out by Manuel Zeni.

The Link NCA identified pathways to under-nutrition explaining this alarming situation. Analysis from literature review, quantitative and qualitative data, validated by multi-sectorial experts, identified 24 risk factors responsible of child under-nutrition in the study area.

Nine risk factors were considered as ‘major’ :

  • Women workload
  • Low educational opportunities
  • Low mothers’ food intake during pregnancy and lactation
  • Low birth spacing / lack of family planning
  • Low rate of exclusive breastfeeding under 6 months
  • Practice of prelacteal feeding
  • Inadequate access to safe drinking water due to surface water being the main source and long distance (and time) to collect water
  • Intra-household food allocation not favoring the women

Ten risk factors were considered as ‘important’ :

  • Low women’s decision power
  • Lack of quantity and quality of time spent with children
  • Low women nutritional status prior to pregnancy
  • Inappropriate complementary feeding practices
  • Low access and quality of health facilities and reliance on traditional medicine
  • Inadequate hygiene practices in the household
  • Exposure to unclean environment
  • Low income generating opportunities
  • Inadequate access to milk and animal products by children and mothers
  • Lack of food diversification/poor diet diversity
  • Low level of understanding of nutrition basics

Four risk factors were considered as ‘minor

  • Low maternal’ well-being
  • Lack of care during pregnancy
  • Low income due to livestock depletion
  • High food access instability

One risk factor was considered as ‘untested

  • Change in access to pasture
The Link NCA results also provided a number of actionable recommendations (which can be found in the main Link NCA report) to address the identified risk factors for under-nutrition in Miyo and Moyale woredas.

Full Report - Link NCA - Borena, Ethiopia, 2016